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an art center managed by C.A.P.
> frends membership.
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3-19-8 Yamamoto-dori, Chuo-ku Kobe 650-0003 JAPAN
Phone/fax +81(0)78-230-8707

Guidance of a C.A.P. Friends Menbership

I will carry out guidance of [C.A.P. Friends Membership] for those who get interested in activity of future C.A.P. & CAP HOUSE. Please participate in this opportunity by all means.

+ Information of What's New of C.A.P..
+ Invitation to evening art party, the workshop, the Christmas party, etc in CAP HOUSE.
+ Issue of the membership card of CAP Friends Membership.

C.A.P. Friends Menbership

  • a membership fee : 1,000 yen
  • Term of validity : March 31, 2003
  • The application method : Please specify your name and contact in the following form, and transmit to it..
  • your name
    zip code
    phone number
    Please transmit after filling in all items.

    Please pay a fee (1000 yen) at a post office (japan) after ransmitting.
    *Please pay after transmission.

    Account number : 09705310918
    Account name : C.A.P.
    After checking payment, we return you mail of a payment finishing.
    **When mail does not arrive one week or more, please contact us,